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Brick Building


research & installation, Borderland, design studio w/Ephraim Joris, 2019
group show Borderland, Rotterdam, 2019.

European colonialism has manifested its indescribable violence not only in the form of exploitation of people, land, and resources, but also in the establishment of an unilateral system of knowledge characterized by notions of alleged stability, superiority, and objective truths. They leave traces in the form of language and visual codes to which we stay oblivious to modern-day colonialism.


Untitled are artistic explorations and experiments dedicated to defamiliarizing common visual and intellectual conceptions from institutional and everyday contexts through error-favoring and accidental techniques. These methods of unpredictability generate images of ongoing change in form of enduring liquid images and self-governing patterns created by incessant movement.

These explorations serve as a way of letting go of the control over a predefined visual language, inviting to question the way we read curated spaces and visual signs, and how we define our own roles as individuals and as creators of spatial narratives in a postcolonial era.

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