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InZukunft: Mainz

performative installation, HS Mainz, Johannes Gutenberg University and Staatstheater Mainz, 2016,
in collaboration with Hannah Schröder

The project InZukunft:Mainz, which was realized in cooperation with the Staatstheater Mainz and the theater department of the Johannes Gutenberg University, is a scenographic performance for future thoughts and contemporary reflections.

In the form of a performative walk, the audience was guided through the university campus with audio guides, passing 7 utopian future stations, where performance, interactions and immersive installations made the created vision of the future tangible. The site-specific spaces on the campus were temporarily relieved of their everyday use and charged with new associations and layers of meaning. Our location was the mechanics workshop. A place that is characterized by technical routine, safety precautions and clearly structured work processes. A place of work. But how will work change in the future if technical innovations make human labor increasingly replaceable? The content of our scenographic performance is the thought itself, the thought as the origin of all creation. Is the power of human thoughts replaceable? Is thinking work?  How are thoughts made visible, shaped and influenced?

Questions that the participants were encountering at our station while immersing themselves in the corporate structure and work processes of THINK Corporation.


Es sind Worte, die keine Sätze bilden. Sie haben keine Regeln. Sie laufen allein und doch an deiner Hand. Dein Herz widerspricht doch sie bleiben stur. Sie sind klein und manche werden groß und krallen sich fest. Du wirst sie nicht los.

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