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research & installation, The Social Body, design studio w/Cookies, 2020

For the success of architectural projects in local communities, the involvement of the inhabitants and the integration of their communal knowledge about the needs and living conditions in their neighborhood in the development process is essential.

Engaging with the Agniesebuurt neighborhood in Rotterdam North through interviews with residents, local musicians, and artists revealed the rich music culture within the neighborhood. To visualize its auditory landscape and the diverse network of musicians, a soundscape map was created that connects the various artists with each other.

 This auditory interaction was the beginning for the collaboration with Mitchel Samson, and his non-profit initiative 'Cult North'. Cult North aims to provide a safe environment in which young adults can develop their personal potential, talents and self-knowledge to make them more resilient against negative external influences.To empower this vulnerable population, the initiative offers a variety of participatory events, workshops, and seminars led by a network of local citizen experts from various creative disciplines.


This project supports the vision of the initiative by creating a flexible space that integrates elements of Rotterdam's street culture and urban materials that can be easily adapted to the specific use cases.

Thus, providing the architectural contextualization and concretization that is mostly needed to legitimize projects in front of public funders.

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