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Brick Building

Madonna - Begleiterin & Kultfigur

Exhibition commissioned by Generaldirektion Kulturelles Erbe Rheinland-Pfalz, Landesmuseum Koblenz, 2023

The exhibition Madonna. Begleiterin & Kultfigur shows around 200 Madonna sculptures from the Collection Alex Poignard.

 Mary, the most depicted female biblical figure, has for centuries served as a symbolic projection for the most diverse representations of female identity: from the submissive virgin and caring mother to the sublime goddess.

The exhibition reflects on the inherent symbolism and meaning of the figure of Mary that are presented in the multifaceted sculptures and depictions of the collection. Key scenes from Mary's life are visualized in the form of abstract architectural fragments derived from art-historical depictions. The colour blue, Mary's distinguishing feature, is the guiding motif.

 A video work illustrates the inscribed associations that are embedded in the sculptures' bodily gestures and in biblical symbolism such as lilies and the treading of serpents, and projects them onto an installation of 80 white, unpainted clay sculptures.

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