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Brick Building

Kinky Affairs at Home

in collaboration with Mercedes Azpilicueta
Exhibition commissioned by Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, 

“Kinky Affairs at Home” are habitual sculptures inspired by the life and work of Fluxus artist Anne Marie Jehle (1937-2000). Everyday objects permeate rigid geometric forms and thus form an opposing unity. They make reference to the kitchen, living-room, and bedroom sparking a dialogue between Jehle`s work and the work of Mercedes Azipilicueta.


Jehle`s artistic work and living space in Feldkirch that she locked up and left in 1989 were inextricably interwoven. 1628 works were recovered from the whole house after her death. These works are collages of materials and objects that examine `aspects and things of everyday life (social criticism), social roles (gender) and phenomena of power, questions of identity, and later grey areas and borderline experiences´.


The Quick Foyer
The Gone Bedroom

“Potatoes, Riots and Other Imaginaries” by Mercedes Azipilicueta was part of the Prix de Rome at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. In collaboration with the artist the exhibition design and upward-sloping sculptural tapestry was developed. The collapsed tapestry transforms into a waveform inviting the public to view both sides of the woven material, in which subjects such as food economies, young female workers at textile factories and women led global rights movements coalesce.

" Mercedes Azipilicueta draws these subjects together in the context of her research into the Potatoes Riots of 1917 in the Jordaan neighborhood of Amsterdam, organized by working class women in response to food shortages during the first World War.”


“Potatoes, Riots and Other Imaginaries” by Mercedes Azipilicueta

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